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Antique Chinese festival hat, silk tiger, 19th century

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A fantastic Chinese antique silk embroidered festival hat, Qing dynasty, late 19th century.

This hat is an absolute beauty, carefully embroidered all by hand with the finest materials with the greatest attention to detail.

The tiger's face makes up the front part of the hat with large eyes and lots and lots of fine detail, he has whiskers and horns and large floppy ears.

There are many articulated or movable parts such as his ears that bend into shape with wire and metal threads, the time and the craftsmanship that went into this hat is just incredible.

The tigers body spans the rest of the top of the hat with a large striped silk tail at the back of the hat.

The hat has a face framing shape with a long drop to the back.

Condition overall is good for the age, some pinholes and a few marks.

Lined in a light cotton. We have a selection of Chinese festival hats that have all come from the same family and kept together.

Approx 18" circumference, 7.5" drop at the back, the tiger spans 9", tail 4"

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