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Antique Chinese silk festival hat, tiger, dragon and lotus

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A very fine Chinese antique silk embroidered festival hat, Qing dynasty, late 19th century.

This special hat has been carefully embroidered all by hand with the finest materials with the greatest attention to detail.

The hat features a dragon on one side and a tiger on the other with a lotus flower to the centre, the dragon and tiger have articulated parts and the flower has individual petals.

There is a decorative hand embroidered silk panel on each side of the hat with a different design, all with blossoms and most with a bird or butterfly.

It is lined inside with a floral cotton fabric along with a checked cotton. Condition overall is brilliant for the age, slight marks here and there and a little fade inside.

This would have been a girls hat, possibly of Bai origin, these hats are still worn in some remote parts of China with different meaning such as protection, health etc.

We have a selection of Chinese festival hats that have all come from the same family and kept together.

Approx 16" circumference, 6" drop each side, the tiger is approx 4" width and the dragon also 4" width.

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