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Antique Georgian cut steel brooch, Forget me not

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A beautiful antique late Georgian era cut steel brooch.

This is a circular Starburst type brooch with a little forget me not flower to the centre.

It has an old c type clasp and pin fastener.

Cut steel rose to popularity in the 18th century initially in France where there were rules surrounding who could and could not wear diamonds and precious gems.

It was a painstakingly hard process to create little 'gems' from steel that resembled diamonds and required great skill and many hours of work.

The popularity continued and eventually spread across the continent making cut steel jewellery a sought after alternative to diamonds and more expensive gemstones throughout the Georgian era.

Good used condition overall, some light wear to the metal, signs of use and wear commensurate with age, light rusting.

Approx 1.5" width / 1.5" height.

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