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Antique Russian silver belt buckle, silver niello

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A beautiful early 20th century Russian silver niello belt buckle.

Decorative shape with an all over inky black niello design of scrolling flora with a typical Russian feel to it.

The buckle has a convex shape with silver loops to the reverse for attaching to the belt.

The belt fastens by way of the miniature kindjal dagger which passes through a loop to the front and securing the belt, this is further attached to a safety chain.

The buckle is hallmarked in multiple places on the reverse including the kindjal with the Kokoshnik mark for Kiev, 1908-26, makers or assayers mark is present in Cyrillic translating to LK, 84 zolotnicki (875/1000 silver).

These buckles were often used as part of military dress, the kindjal being an early 20th century military choice of weaponry also.

A very attractive piece, in very good condition overall, light aged patina, c1910s

Approx 3.5" width and 2.25" height, 2" kindjal and Approx 33.30 grams weight.

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