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Antique Victorian clasped hands brooch, Bog oak

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An interesting and scarce Victorian clasped or shaking hands brooch.

It is crafted from bog oak with a rich deep brown / black colour.

The pin is carved as two hands clasped or shaking not dissimilar to the earlier Fede style often found in rings of betrothal.

We can see that each hand has a different cuff, one plain and one more decorative and this let's us know that it was likely to represent a male and a female, probably a token of love and connection, also often given out at times of marriage and union.

The most fantastic thing about this piece is that it bears a diamond reg number to the reverse, not so commonly found on costume or non precious jewellery.

The diamond reg let's us know the date that the brooch was created and has codes for it's materials, interestingly the brooch has been catalogued as ceramics or earthenware which is unusual for bog oak.

The date code let's us know this was created 18th May 1880.

It is has an old c type clasp and pin fastener this is brass.

Good used condition overall, some age commensurate wear and signs of use, some light surface wear and marks.

Approx measurements:
2.75" width
0.75" height.

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