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Antique Victorian Vulcanite locket pendant

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An attractive and interesting antique Victorian Vulcanite locket.

The locket is crafted in rich black Vulcanite and it a hexagonal shaped locket with a smooth finish and a textured interior with a single glazed panel.

It has a wonderful 3d effect to it and is a nice chunky piece.

Vulcanite was first invented or discovered in 1839 by Charles Goodyear and it is a compound made up by mixing together rubber and sulphur to produce vulcanised rubber.

It was a popular alternative to Whitby Jet as it was easier to source and not to mention cheaper, now original Vulcanite pieces are highly sought after and collectable gems, not unlike this incredible Victorian chain.

It's dark Aesthetic also made it a go to choice for mourning jewellery.

Good used condition overall with some signs of use and wear, Vulcanite with minor lightening and brown tones.

Approx measurements:
2.10" length
1.30" width

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