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Antique Victorian Whitby Jet oval brooch, large

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A gorgeous antique Victorian era Whitby Jet brooch.

It is an oval shaped brooch with swirl designs and beading going across the centre.

Very finely carved and polished to a high glossy shine.

A very attractive brooch.

Whitby Jet shot to popularity in the Victorian era as a material used in mourning jewellery due to its rich black colour, it is made from fossilised wood, formed in the Jurassic era so it truly is an ancient material!

It is highly prized today and genuine pieces of Whitby Jet jewellery are popular among collectors.

It is has an old c type clasp and pin fastener this is brass.

Unmarked, c1880s

Good used condition overall, some age commensurate wear and signs of use.

Approx measurements:
2.35" width
1.75" height.

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