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Rare antique Georgian glass intaglio seal fob, Pinchbeck, Heraldic

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An incredible and rare antique Georgian era seal fob.

Late 18th century, this magical seal fob is made up of a carved clear glass intaglio with a fluted shape, the base carved with an elaborate design.

It features a number of people including a child gathering around a shrine with a north star above a heraldic shield.

I'm unsure whom the crest belonged to but it is very beautifully carved and was highly likely to have belonged to a nobleman or notable family.

The top is made from Pinchbeck and has a textured finish with an additional later spring ring attached.

A fine Georgian piece for any collector.

Unmarked c1790s

Good used condition overall, signs of use and wear commensurate with age, lots of aged patina, some fine scratches to the glass.

Approx measurements:
1.45" height
0.75" width
0.60" length

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